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Red Raised Reflective Pavement Marker For Sale NK-1005

Body material: ABS
Reflector type: Double side/Single side
Lens Material: PMMA
Colors: White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
Size: 103 x 80 x 18mm

Product Description

Raised pavement markers or delineators are a safety and visibility device used on roads. These raised reflective markers offer excellent visibility to oncoming motorists via the double-sided reflective material that reflects car headlights. The amber reflective raised pavement markers provide highly effective visibility even at night or during rain. Raised pavement markers can be easily fixed to asphalt pavements with a strong adhesive.


Red Raised Reflective Pavement Marker For Sale
Red Raised Reflective Pavement Marker For Sale


Raised pavement markers on the motorway are used for dividing the road boundary, for safety, reducing the accidents, made from aluminum alloy attached with the reflective sheet made from the acrylic plastic sheet. This acrylic is a reflective prism glass style and available 1 or 2 sides on road stud. In addition, there will be a thin layer of the coated glass in order to enhance the reflective index during night time.


The specifications of raised reflective pavement markers:

Model   NK-1005
  Material   PC/ABS
  Reflective material   Impact-resistant PMMA
  Color   Red, Yellow, White, Blue, Green, Red/White
  Size   103mm x 80mm x 18mm
  Weight   90g ± 3g
  Compression   16 T


Plastic Cats Eyes Road Markers application


Plastic raised pavement marker to be used in temporary or short-term road maintenance works. Aluminum raised pavement markers can be used for long term road works or permanent road dividers.

Both plastic and aluminum reflective raised pavement markers can be used to determine the boundaries of right and the left side of the road. Aluminum raised pavement marker is recommended if it is applied in the middle of the road for lowering the speed of vehicles and to provide awareness for drivers.
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