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Flashing solar pavement markers with smart zebra crossing system

People who only care about playing with their mobile phones with their heads down, but don’t pay attention to seeing the signal lights clearly, often make people sweat. Recently, the first “color-changing” zebra crossing in Wuhan appeared on the street, specifically reminding “people with bowed heads” to cross the road at the lights.
The “color-changing”  smart zebra crossing system is set at the intersection of Liji East Street, Qiaokou District, Wuhan City. The lights of the road studs on the zebra crossing will change with the changes of pedestrians crossing the street. When the signal light is red, the solar pavement marker light is also red. When the signal light turns green, the solar pavement marker light also turns green and can be adjusted to flash yellow.
led pavement markers
led pavement markers
The traffic police told reporters that with the development of smart phones, on the streets, bus stops, shopping malls, hospitals…people are looking at their mobile phones almost everywhere. Some people even don’t forget to check their mobile phones when crossing the road Crossing the road like this is very dangerous.
It is understood that the smart zebra crossing system is made of special materials, and it is the first time it has been used in Wuhan. It is laid on the ground of the crosswalk and can withstand the temperature of 100 degrees Celsius to minus 30 degrees Celsius. It is basically flush with the ground and does not affect the normal passage of pedestrians and vehicles. The solar pavement markers do not slip or stumble when stepped on, and it is not afraid of rain-soaking and scorching sun exposure. Traffic police said that this color-changing zebra crossing will be promoted in more accident-prone intersections in the future.
solar raised pavement marker
solar raised pavement marker
The lights on these roads are also called solar-cast aluminum road lights, reflective markers, LED road stud lights, etc. They are charged by solar panels, stored in the battery, and automatically illuminated at night and when there is insufficient light in rainy and foggy weather, guiding the vehicle well. Driving in the correct direction can effectively ensure traffic safety.
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